SAP CRM系统里的附件存储逻辑

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SAP CRM系统里的附件存储逻辑

jerrywangsap 2020-02-28 09:45:40 浏览594

My research about how attachment data is stored in cluster table:

System AG3/001, Product: ZJERRYTEST1124, upload one text attachment with 58 bytes.

Click the hyperlink "result1" in column Name, the file is opened in browser via the link below:

use transaction code SE16 to query database table with PHIO_ID = FA163EEF573D1ED49DA44708EF3ABF63:

and two entries found:

execute FM SCMS_R3DB_IMPORT in test mode, specify CREP_ID = BDS_DB22 and DOC_ID = FA163EEF573D1ED49DA44708EF3ABF63

binary content of uploaded attachment could be found in CONTENT_BIN:

the content returned by FM is actually exactly the same compared with the binary data of the local file:

How does this FM actually finish data retrieve task?

Just execute the following code in AG3:

DATA: phio_cluster TYPE scmst_r3db_cont_cluster.
IMPORT phio_cluster FROM DATABASE bdscont22(ir) CLIENT sy-mandt

                        ID 'FA163EEF573D1ED49DA44708EF3ABF63' IGNORING CONVERSION ERRORS.


The content will be stored in variable phio_cluster.

What does bdscont22(ir) mean?

Open table BDSCONT22 in SE11, the highlighted three fields are cluster fields:

Please refer to ABAP help for more detail about cluster table:

in our example, we could get the region ID IR which will be used in the test ABAP program.