Kuberntes 中无法删除 PV 的解决方法

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Kuberntes 中无法删除 PV 的解决方法

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Kuberntes 中无法删除 PV 的解决方法

一 背景

系统内有一个已经不再使用的 PV ,已经删除了与其关联的 Pod 及 PVC ,并对其执行了删除命令,但是无法正常删除,一直出于如下状态:

$ kubectl get pv
NAME          CAPACITY   ACCESS MODES   RECLAIM POLICY   STATUS        CLAIM                                    STORAGECLASS          REASON   AGE
pv-nfs-gysl   1Gi        RWO            Recycle          Terminating   default/www-vct-statefulset-pvc-gysl-0   managed-nfs-storage            22h

二 解决方法

$ kubectl patch pv pv-nfs-gysl -p '{"metadata":{"finalizers":null}}'
persistentvolume/pv-nfs-gysl patched
$ kubectl get pv
No resources found.


patch: 使用 strategic merge patch 更新一个资源的 field(s)。


# kubectl patch -h
Update field(s) of a resource using strategic merge patch, a JSON merge patch, or a JSON patch.

 JSON and YAML formats are accepted.

  # Partially update a node using a strategic merge patch. Specify the patch as JSON.
  kubectl patch node k8s-node-1 -p '{"spec":{"unschedulable":true}}'

  # Partially update a node using a strategic merge patch. Specify the patch as YAML.
  kubectl patch node k8s-node-1 -p $'spec:\n unschedulable: true'

  # Partially update a node identified by the type and name specified in "node.json" using strategic merge patch.
  kubectl patch -f node.json -p '{"spec":{"unschedulable":true}}'

  # Update a container's image; spec.containers[*].name is required because it's a merge key.
  kubectl patch pod valid-pod -p '{"spec":{"containers":[{"name":"kubernetes-serve-hostname","image":"new image"}]}}'

  # Update a container's image using a json patch with positional arrays.
  kubectl patch pod valid-pod --type='json' -p='[{"op": "replace", "path": "/spec/containers/0/image", "value":"new

      --allow-missing-template-keys=true: If true, ignore any errors in templates when a field or map key is missing in
the template. Only applies to golang and jsonpath output formats.
      --dry-run=false: If true, only print the object that would be sent, without sending it.
  -f, --filename=[]: Filename, directory, or URL to files identifying the resource to update
  -k, --kustomize='': Process the kustomization directory. This flag can't be used together with -f or -R.
      --local=false: If true, patch will operate on the content of the file, not the server-side resource.
  -o, --output='': Output format. One of:
  -p, --patch='': The patch to be applied to the resource JSON file.
      --record=false: Record current kubectl command in the resource annotation. If set to false, do not record the
command. If set to true, record the command. If not set, default to updating the existing annotation value only if one
already exists.
  -R, --recursive=false: Process the directory used in -f, --filename recursively. Useful when you want to manage
related manifests organized within the same directory.
      --template='': Template string or path to template file to use when -o=go-template, -o=go-template-file. The
template format is golang templates [http://golang.org/pkg/text/template/#pkg-overview].
      --type='strategic': The type of patch being provided; one of [json merge strategic]

  kubectl patch (-f FILENAME | TYPE NAME) -p PATCH [options]

Use "kubectl options" for a list of global command-line options (applies to all commands).


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