What is the future of Kotlin programming language?

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What is the future of Kotlin programming language?

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Elina Bessarabova, works at Mind Studios
Answered Mar 31

Good afternoon here,
and thank you for an interesting question to ask here!
Only time can tell what awaits for us in the future - but we assume that Kotlin’s influence is going to get bigger and bigger ;)
Originally, in the year of 2011 as an unveiled version Kotlin first appeared as a new language for Java Virtual Machine from a team of Saint-Peterburg programmers called Jet Brains. The reason they decided to come up with a new “spinning wheel” for Android development is quite easy to understand; apparently, there are a few:
Java has been around for 22 years already (quite a term for a programming language), which is why there are loads of features that can not be implemented due to Java's massiveness and obsolescence.
Java requires long code combinations to be written
Code written on Java takes quite a while to compile

So, let’s start somewhere at the beginning.
Reasons to Use Kotlin:
1) Kotlin requires less code to write.
At least 20% less. As it was previously mentioned, 22-year old Java is a bit outdated already + Oracle created Java to be a backward compatible language, which basically, means that every newly launched version has to support the features included in the previous one, and as a result, with every update it becomes harder to include some new features; consequently, the amount of code to write also increases. On the contrary, Kotlin’s architecture was created from scratch, causing the absence of layer to layer architecture.
2) Less crushes occur on Kotlin.
**Read more about why there occur less crashes and a few more reasons to use Kotlin in our new article **Kotlin vs Java: Will Kotlin Replace Java? - Mind Studios

Jonathon Mithe
Answered Sep 6, 2016

As for its “future” I would say its bright. The way computer chips / power is going multi cored / threaded is becoming more and more important. Reactive patterns are a good solution here and functional paradigms really help coding. Hence the uptake of scala etc and functional stuff in java.

But those functional languages as great as they are are new languages / breaking changes -> don't work well with java and have high learning curves. They been design for features or to work with akka / hibernate / insert framework here.

Kotlin is different, its almost a second gen language that has learnt from the others, its been designed to work well with java, to target enerprisey type development, to be used in a java codebase by java developer / low learning curve, has a good subset of the next gen features that make those other languages desirable whilst also being performant (compilation), and also just a good language on its own.

So the enterpisey monolith who resists change now has a language that potentially is easy to give to existing java devs (scala just isn't…) and fits in with java / is a safe transistion + change that gives them these new language benefits for the modern world.

New java is better but is dogged too much by backward compatibility and catchup, with functional concepts which it seems to half care about.

Tie in the fact its developed by probably the top / biggest JVM IDE on the market, i.e. it works flawlessly, they help/ utils to work with java and probably most importantly is advertised within the IDE to java devs… it actually has the platform / access to push to devs rather than just “another language” on the internet.

So yeah, the future I think is quite bright.

Doug Stevenson, Google Developer Advocate
Answered Aug 30

Kotlin can be used exactly like Java in any way that requires compiled bytecode to be executed later in a JVM. I believe all JVM languages share this in common, which includes Scala, Groovy, and more. You just have to configure your project to compile Kotlin source code in the same way it compile Java source.
Similarly, Kotlin can be used for Android development with the appropriate tooling from JetBrains.

Ravi Prajapati, studied at Hemchandracharya North Gujarat University, Patan
Answered May 24

What is the future of Kotlin?
Google announced support for Kotlin in Android at Google I/O 2017, but many of us aren’t sure what’s going on or why we should care.
Let’s take a look at the important things you need to know about Kotlin if you’re notan Android developer.
JetBrains’ thoughtful work on Kotlin’s design is one of the reasons we’re embracing the language. Google is partnering with JetBrains to ensure a wonderful overall developer story—from language, to framework, to tools. And, we are excited to be working together to move the Kotlin language into a non profit foundation.
To know more about Kotlin, Kotlin, Android’s new programming language – Things you need to know about it

Paul Haris, works at Android Application Development
Answered Jun 1

All about Kotlin – A Future of Android App Development
Kotlin is the most recent and powerful language that overcome several problems suffered by Android developers using Java such as verbosity of source code and runtime exceptions and many others. It is very simple to get started and developers can also introduce it into existing projects.
Kotlin is a the latest open source programming language for Java Virtual machine enables streamlining Android Development in more efficient way. It can compile to JavaScript Source code also. It is very similar to Java in structure such as it is a statically typed and object oriented as well as designed for similar problems that java solve. However, Kotlin comprises several superior features, simpler syntax and concepts from functional programming, it has many more enrichments compared to Java.
Here, we would like to mention about useful features and benefits of Kotlin to consider it as a powerful language that streamlines Android App Development: - Kotlin – The Latest Powerful Language to Streamline Android App Development

I love to jump on new technologies because they provide an opportunity to have a fair competition with those who are already experienced in industry. So I am going ahead, and starting to build my first app in kotlin.


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