Mirantis Certification summary

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Mirantis Certification summary

cloud_ruiy 2014-12-26 11:02:00 浏览621


Mirantis Certification (MCA100 )summary roughly

handy remain by Ruiy!

Minimum Pass Score: 70%
Language: English
Price: USD $300 (靠涨价了,TM no retack this exam 了,个人准备好好搞搞maintain opt!!!!!)

<一,openStack service Components HA scheme design>


1.1,OpenStack services that are stateless include:

nova-api, nova-conductor, glance-api, keystone-api, neutron-api and nova-scheduler


1.2,OpenStack services that are stateful include:

the OpenStack database and message queue


1.3,stateful services highly available scheme:

Making stateful services highly available can depend on whether you choose an active/passive
or active/active configuration.


Pacemaker interacts with applications through resource agents (RAs), of which it supports
over 70 natively. Pacemaker can also easily use third-party RAs. An OpenStack high-availability
configuration uses existing native Pacemaker RAs (such as those managing MySQL
databases or virtual IP addresses), existing third-party RAs (such as for RabbitMQ), and native
OpenStack RAs (such as those managing the OpenStack Identity and Image Services)


<二,nova,neutron troubleshort logs location>

  【Ruiy handy remain,openStack service components or subComponents default use rsyslog parse log,so Ruiy believe you know and can location every openStack service components and subComponents logs to help troubleshorting you cloudOS,thanks!】

<三,port map,SecurityGroup rules>

<四,swift containName naming rule similar unix or linux directory naming rule,fault tolerance and Replication strategy!>