Cocos2d-x Game Development (UI Editor -TuiEditor Test)

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Cocos2d-x Game Development (UI Editor -TuiEditor Test)

技术小甜 2017-11-07 18:18:00 浏览781
To write cocos2d-x based game running on iPhone, cocosBuilder should be a good UI Editor. However, in my case, 

I'm using Win7 and having no ideal UI Editor to choose. By chance, in one of my friends after Spring Festival, I found TuiEditor at

the URL :

As still a beginner, I will try to write a nearly step by step article concerning how to use TuiEditor on my Windows 7 platform. And of course,

the simple game will run both on win32 and android. Let's get started...

Step 1: download and install

go to to download the related stuff and then unzipped it at somewhere in your machine.

next, navigate to the following location as indicated in the figure.


Have you noticed the file underlined by the yellow line, TuiEditor.zxp. It 's just the extension targetting Flash CS6.

Now, what you need to do is just double click the file. Then, the Flash extension manager will pop up, as shown in the following figure.


And of course, you have to click the button '接受' to continue. After that, another dialog appears which says '要为那些用户安装此插件'. I select "所有用户".

After a short minute, the following UI is shown.


(To be continued...)

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