Autodesk MapGuide Enterprise 2011 Update 1 for Windows发布了

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Autodesk MapGuide Enterprise 2011 Update 1 for Windows发布了

史迪奇2号 2017-01-02 13:49:00 浏览821



支持Windows Server Enterprise R2, 64bit



When you apply Autodesk MapGuide Studio update while running Autodesk MapGuide Studio, it is recommended that you do not click the "Automatically close applications and attempt to restart them after setup is complete" option. Instead, close Autodesk MapGuide Studio manually, and press “Ignore” at the prompt. It is also recommended that you reboot your system after installing the update.



  • Base Layer Tiles - Color palette is now rendered consistently across PNG8 and GIF base layer tiles. Previously, base layer tiles in PNG8 and GIF formats would sometimes render based on different color palettes.
  • FDO ArcSDE - Connecting to an ArcSDE database has been optimized to retrieve schema information faster.
  • WFS Consumption - Correct list of operators and functions are now being retrieved from WFS feature sources.
  • FDO Raster - PNG8 files with transparent background is now displayed properly.
  • FDO Raster - Folder of ECW images no longer causes unclassified exception and unresponsive server (on Windows).
  • FDO Oracle - Oracle exceptions no longer causes large memory leak.
  • Server Core - The server process would abort upon encountering a double free error under heavy load (on Linux).
  • JAVA API - Using Apache/Java and ThreadSafe directive no longer causes MgOutOfMemoryException under load.
  • FDO WMS – Better quality when requesting image with large height or width. Add the following two parameters to RenderingServiceProperties section of serverconfig.ini. If no parameters are added, the default values are 2048.
    • MaxRasterImageHeight = [# of pixels]
    • MaxRasterImageWidth = [# of pixels]

具体信息请看Readme  English



MapGuide Enterprise Server

MGEServer2011Update1.exe (for 32 bit) (exe - 5333Kb)

MGEServer2011Update1.x64.exe (for 64 bit) (exe - 7911Kb)

MapGuide Enterprise Web Server Extension

MGEWeb2011Update1.exe (for 32 bit) (exe - 3117Kb)

MGEWeb2011Update1.x64.exe (for 64 bit) (exe - 6120Kb)

MapGuide Studio

MGStudio2011Update1.exe (for 32 and 64 bit) (exe - 7623Kb)


用于Linux的Update1也将很快发布,敬请期待! :)


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