Note 1655725 - Check for DB trigger made less strict

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Note 1655725 - Check for DB trigger made less strict

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If a table in which a database trigger is defined changed structurally on the database, the dictionary tools return message DA 515 "Table change not possible. There is a DB trigger on the table". 
Either the table is not activated or the structural change is rejected during the transport or the upgrade.

Other terms 

DA 515, dictionary distribution, database trigger

Reason and Prerequisites 

Triggers are not supported in the dictionary. To avoid inconsistencies, the system rejects the structural changes completely as long as there is a trigger in the table.


After you implement the correction instructions, the dictionary tools also accept structural changes to tables if the change only consists of adding new fields. 
In this case, the dictionary tools process the table successfully and the fields are added. In this process, the system does not generate a new table and the trigger definition is retained. 
This applies to the activation in transaction SE11 and to an activation during the transport or upgrade. 

The dictionary check adjusted with this correction assumes that, when table changes are activated, only triggers that work correctly after new fields are added are defined in affected tables and that they do not prevent the database from adding new fields. 
If this is not the case, the trigger has to be adjusted. Alternatively, it has to be deleted when the dictionary tools are executed and then generated again. 

During the upgrade, you have to implement the instructions in the shadow system. 
If you cannot implement the correction instructions, you have to delete the trigger for the table and repeat the process that was terminated with an error. Then you can create the trigger again. 

|Manual Post-Implement.                                                | 
|VALID FOR                                                             | 
|Software Component   SAP_BASIS                      SAP Basis compo...| 
| Release 700          SAPKB70007 - SAPKB70026                         | 
| Release 710          Until SAPKB71014                                | 
| Release 711          SAPKB71101 - SAPKB71109                         | 
| Release 701          Until SAPKB70111                                | 
| Release 702          SAPKB70201 - SAPKB70210                         | 
| Release 730          SAPKB73001 - SAPKB73006                         | 
| Release 720          SAPKB72002 - SAPKB72006                         | 
| Release 731          SAPKB73101 - SAPKB73102                         | 

use transaction SE91 to create the messages 518 and 519 in message class DA. Enter the following message texts: 

518 DB trigger & exists in table 
519 Table change executed despite DB trigger 

Both messages are self-explanatory.

Header Data

Release Status: Released for Customer
Released on: 26.01.2012  14:23:59
Master Language: German
Priority: Correction with medium priority
Category: Program error
Primary Component: BC-DWB-DIC ABAP Dictionary



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