FAQ:itextsharp(iText) for old asp(vbscript,VB)

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FAQ:itextsharp(iText) for old asp(vbscript,VB)

小麋鹿666 2017-10-01 15:18:00 浏览534
this question is from a email , the email as follow:
itextsharp(iText) for old asp(vbscript,VB)
do you know how to apply itextsharp to old asp?
like use the code "server.createobject()"?
because i have to use wscript to run jobs that auto convert data to pdf. asp.net can't do that for me.

my answer is :
  1.     use .net library in VB, you can get more info by searching google.
  2.     use itext(itextsharp) from web service.
  3.     use itext from some java-com bridge. for example: JACOB - Java COM Bridge
  4.     use native version application that compiled by gcj (maybe this way is some difficult)  .
  5.     use java library as com, like an activex, but I also forget how to do it, maybe you can search from web.
maybe this is useful for other developer.

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