[Erlang 0105] Erlang Resources 小站 2013年1月~6月资讯合集

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[Erlang 0105] Erlang Resources 小站 2013年1月~6月资讯合集

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Erlang Resources 小站 2013年1月~6月资讯合集,方便检索.

 小站地址: http://site.douban.com/204209/
1 月
A few thoughts about Open Source Software Antirez http://dou.bz/1pyUXj

Erlang's biggest missing feature: globals http://dou.bz/22GYw7

DTrace, FreeBSD 9.0, and Erlang http://dou.bz/2gmvVm
Gracefully terminating erlang VM http://dou.bz/2MfDjT
 Joe Armstrong 做客艺术人生谈编程之路 http://dou.bz/1V0ckH

Talking again about Erlang with Francesco Cesarini http://dou.bz/4BDw6X 老发墙外的东西,村长表示很无奈
Erlang does have shared memory http://dou.bz/2AntXo FQ可见
How Erlang does scheduling http://dou.bz/3R0XCW FQ去吧,少年
OTP Technical Board - Decisions affecting R16. http://dou.bz/0H7980

[Hacker News]Erlang/OTP R16A has been released http://dou.bz/2KPVMV 信息量略大

R16A Support for parameterized modules (but an alternative solution provides) http://dou.bz/0vzmde

ErlyDTL – Django's template language compiled to Erlang bytecode http://dou.bz/4b2xPI

BossDB – A sharded, caching, evented ORM for Erlang http://dou.bz/4g4SEZ

Chicago Boss – An Erlang web framework http://dou.bz/06QKTU

Erb - A Robust IRC Bot Framework in Erlang/OTP http://dou.bz/3Qhjjs

Eper - a set of tools for performance tuning and debugging Erlang code http://dou.bz/1zgVCN
Refactoring Erlang Programs http://dou.bz/3bdquD
Translib is an Erlang application that contains some parse transformers to extend or modify the semantic of Erlang. http://dou.bz/1rGD4p
Socket.IO for Erlang http://dou.bz/1PD45X

Ulf Wiger Blog http://dou.bz/4dcgcb 不知道他是谁?看来你不怎么读开源项目
Match Specifications And Records (Dynamically!) http://dou.bz/36aIdH

Rustyrazorblade Category: Erlang http://dou.bz/1WBAwT

Erlang/OTP R16A has been released. This is a beta release before the R16B product release on February 27:th. http://dou.bz/0fuKvw

Software Transactional Memory http://dou.bz/2ZwbI6

ErlangQA 大讨论 你是如何控制知识学习的深度和广度的? http://dou.bz/1Wn4cw

Characterizing the Scalability of Erlang. VM on Many-core Processors http://dou.bz/3F3wqN

淘宝霸爷的博客 http://dou.bz/3x6LvF
2 月
REPL? A bit more (and less) than that http://dou.bz/19RVGs


Introducing.Erlang(2013.1) Simon.St.Laurent 已经发售哦

2012年软件开发者薪资调查报告 谁知道真的假的 乐呵乐呵得了 http://dou.bz/4qTtKN

Three approaches to ambiguous grammars http://dou.bz/0oKPKv

Release: RabbitMQ 3.0.2 http://dou.bz/2yf0Rd

TCP incast: What is it? How can it affect Erlang applications? http://dou.bz/2pIqhj

ErlangQuiz http://dou.bz/2AxcR4 4clojure http://dou.bz/1xAtM2 村里面闲的蛋疼满世界找题目练手的娃这回有事情做了

Erlang Code to UnShort Tiny Url’s http://dou.bz/39xNCK

Erlang On Nitro – Erlang Web Development Tutorial

Learning Erlang vs learning node.js [closed] http://dou.bz/033TCE 村长知道你们喜欢看这种

Rules of Hot Code Swapping http://dou.bz/0JXWG9

Why Erlang? http://dou.bz/07qRjk

Erlang Message Passing http://dou.bz/4htRLm
Erlang Tic Tac Toe http://dou.bz/4ahjLA

Build an FTP Server with Ranch in 30 Minutes http://dou.bz/4vMp4B

Erlang Scalability http://dou.bz/3zDmch
Erlang学习需要什么基础? http://dou.bz/0TeiQb #知乎#
Our new game is powered by erlang. http://dou.bz/07g3Mi #案例#
LispCast Introduction to Clojure Videos http://dou.bz/3JiM3d #FP#
The Adventurous Developer’s Guide to JVM Languages – Clojure http://dou.bz/12tgHk #FP#

Learn You Some Erlang for Great Good!这本书英文版的PDF已经可以下载了知道吧

Clojure STM - What? Why? How? http://dou.bz/3UTeY5

Concurrency model: Erlang vs Clojure http://dou.bz/11v10T

Erlang on Xen Demo - Zerg — spawns a Xen instance on each request http://dou.bz/2ry3BF

How to set up a basic HTTP API with Erlang in 10 Minutes http://dou.bz/3Z0EI3

Did Erlang's grammar change in R16A? http://dou.bz/00pK9X 你中招了吗?
LFE, Lisp Flavoured Erlang, is a lisp syntax front-end to the Erlang compiler. http://dou.bz/439sX6 这玩意精简到优美之后就是现在Erlang的样子吧
Aleph is a Clojure framework for asynchronous communication, built on top of Netty and Lamina.

Code Janitor: nobody's dream, everyone's job (and how Erlang can help) http://dou.bz/2mVuv3

http://dou.bz/4gHMxW Tackling Concurrency With STM
http://dou.bz/2lKUeE  Clojure concurrency introduction
知道你们喜欢折腾IDE Erlang plugin for IntelliJ IDEA v0.4 http://dou.bz/3XESrs
Practical use of improper lists in Erlang (perhaps all functional languages) http://dou.bz/2dB5Wf 这个你是怎么看?

"Don't worry about what anybody else is going to do. The best way to predict the future is to invent it."- Alan Kay http://dou.bz/3NkfcU 晚安

http://dou.bz/3h9ZLL List of freely available programming books 翻页全局搜索Erlang

Erlang is a hoarder http://dou.bz/38zCHn

You wanted a banana but what you got was a gorilla holding the banana and the entire jungle.— Joe Armstrong http://dou.bz/3FZyw6

Diving into Erlang is a one-way ticket (@pavlobaron) http://dou.bz/4x26q9 <---- Erlang Factory 上拿到的PDF

Diving into Erlang is a one-way ticket (@pavlobaron) http://dou.bz/4xg4bY 作者不允许下载 大家只好FQ了

jesse (JSon Schema Erlang) is an implementation of a json schema validator for Erlang. http://dou.bz/4qZ4kN

Erlang 新手大礼包 Erlang-Quick-Reference-Card http://dou.bz/400dkq

The Trouble with Erlang (or Erlang is a ghetto) http://dou.bz/2BEmPD 高端黑才是真的黑

Yet Another Article on Zippers, in Erlang http://dou.bz/2s1jO4

Erlang Programming WIKI Book http://dou.bz/4Axift

Erlang Latency Guide http://dou.bz/1cTg8n

The Chef 11 Server provides significant improvements in terms of compute efficiency, scalability, and operability. http://dou.bz/4CAUMK

A review of Fred Hebert's ``Learn you an Erlang for greater Good'' http://dou.bz/3ZhLls

Twitter / wooga: "A Beginners Guide to Erlang" http://dou.bz/3JvpSW

Erlang/OTP R16B performs better http://dou.bz/1RQw0N 28 February 2013
Erlang @ markmail http://dou.bz/0rM2ou
A Few Improvements to Erlang http://dou.bz/1BUEuU

Erlang/OTP R16B has been released! http://dou.bz/4uivtE

总有人开始接触Erlang 爱上Erlang 写给新手的文章一直都有读者 比如上周的这篇 What is Erlang? http://dou.bz/1gU7is 各位早安
2013年2月Web编程语言就业趋势 http://dou.bz/3NKCuM

The process dictionary vs. Sexual education http://dou.bz/0slpi1   #喜欢但是不愿意谈太多#

FLOSS Weekly 243 | TWiT.TV http://twit.tv/show/floss-weekly/243 
This week two of the Zotonic (the Erlang web framework and CMS) core team members were interviewed on TWiT.TV's FLOSS weekly.
3 月
http://dou.bz/0yZkhv  Clojure 1.5 早上好 各位!

Technically why is processes in Erlang more efficient than OS threads? http://dou.bz/157s02 

想了解gen_server调用流程? 一定要看这个 http://dou.bz/3adZz0    各种源码分析

Scalaris is a scalable, transactional, distributed key-value store which implemented in Erlang.

Programming languages teach you not to want what they cannot provide.
4 Things Java Programmers Can Learn from Clojure (without learning Clojure) http://dou.bz/2NlufH 

Clojure的一个博客Tech behind Tech! http://dou.bz/3cVR6W 

http://dou.bz/3jteb4  Erlang @ Speakerdeck

Clojure, Functional Programming and Data at uSwitch.com http://dou.bz/1J8xnL 

Erjang is a virtual machine for Erlang, which runs on Java(tm). http://dou.bz/3PH6zt 

Eunit 这玩意最初是为了检查学生作业搞出来的 <------ 这样的老师伤不起啊

为什么绝大多数的Erlang开源项目都会在代码前加上项目名前缀?比如mochiweb_这是因为Erlang代码组织是扁平的没有namespace之类的层级关系,避免冲突就加上前缀. code:clash/0就是检查这种冲突的


http://dou.bz/0okw1Z  REPL GUI for Clojure-CLR

我为什么选择了Erlang?许式伟 2007-10-10 http://dou.bz/4cAgvQ  这个PDF比较早了,现在许式伟在搞Golang

Erlang and the Cloud http://dou.bz/3T8h9A  #Video#

How do Erlang actors differ from OOP objects? http://dou.bz/4ibtrH 

“美国可能会有 100 万份最好的工作空缺……因为 10 所学校中只有 1 所会教给学生如何编程。” http://dou.bz/1TDiXY  盖茨扎克伯格现身说法:讲述编程之酷

Why do business analysts and project managers get higher salaries than programmers? http://dou.bz/3Q3oaJ  提钱伤感情

@皓庭霄度天 写的 erlang程序优化点的总结(持续更新) http://dou.bz/1N42Qm  

A Path to Clojure (3 Mini Reviews) => Productively Distracted http://dou.bz/2FwrYs  Posted Friday March 1, 2013 around 6:45 PM

The Architecture of Open Source Applications 第一卷有对Riak和Erlang/OTP的介绍 作者是Francesco Cesarini ,Andy Gross & Justin 很容易下载到哦

How to access clojure functions in Java? http://dou.bz/2Slobv 

Why is Clojure so slow? http://dou.bz/1op3P6 
Manning The Joy of Clojure Second Edition http://dou.bz/4c7gth 

3 Things Java Programmers Can Steal from Clojure http://dou.bz/0bOQYq 

export data from mnesia to excel http://dou.bz/2vQIER 

http://dou.bz/1ABMD1  @ IBM developerWorks Erlang文章合集

Learning Erlang, a UNIX developer's perspective http://dou.bz/0LKE8n 

Introduction to programming in Erlang http://dou.bz/2F3fCs  http://dou.bz/3mQvho  @ IBM developerWorks

“Software is like sex: it's better when it's free.”

erlang_tech_nigh 补充 http://dou.bz/1N8zzA 

 erlang_tech_night http://dou.bz/3OcsZg 

New Facebook Chat Feature Scales To 70 Million Users Using Erlang http://dou.bz/45JSnD  2008年的文章

Clojure quick reference http://dou.bz/23OiY3  这个版本是Clojure1.2的

坚持下来不容易 这位博主止步在2010年了 http://dou.bz/1tAIMJ 

http://dou.bz/0p3rn6  Erlang/OTP R16B Brings Improved Parallelism Posted by Jeff Martin on Mar 07, 2013

这小伙写了不少Erlang的文章啊 http://dou.bz/3vJ6ds 
Functional and concurrent programming with Erlang - Introduction http://dou.bz/1h3fqL  2013-03-15

@连城404 :翻Joe老爷子的论文时发现了他老人家也吐槽过OO http://dou.bz/2bzXqh  Why OO Sucks by Joe Armstrong

开玩笑的 这是英文版 http://dou.bz/1RFbpx 

Erlang Profiling Tips http://dou.bz/3u8i2v 
Everything on this site revolves around Erlang; either in form of tips and tricks from a couple of passionate Erlang hackers http://www.redhoterlang.org/ 

Don’t write a macro if a function will do. Reserve macros to provide syntactic abstractions or create binding forms. #Clojure#

Erlang Shell中[97,98]被打印成了"ab"看不到数字了怎么破? [0|L]


互联网时代的时间管理 http://dou.bz/0D8Jjf 

新鲜出炉 Java.next: Common ground in Groovy, Scala, and Clojure, Part 1http://dou.bz/0YCvbj 

Electric Duncan: Lisp Flavored Erlang http://dou.bz/03bBSV  Excuse me, could I have some Erlang, please?

有意思 http://dou.bz/4zn8v6 

http://dou.bz/28aaqO  Ernie is a BERT-RPC server implementation that uses an Erlang server to accept incoming connections........

BERT (Binary ERlang Term) is a format created by the Erlang development team for serializing Erlang terms..... http://dou.bz/2tnEdX 
擦,这个问题原来是这样 关于erlang socket被动模式和delay_send合用的问题 http://dou.bz/05uvI1
Promoting Erlang http://joearms.github.com/2013/03/27/promoting-erlang.html 
I've just got back from the 2013 Bay Area Erlang Factory. This was my third time in SF and I had a great time. #JoeArmstrong#
jimenezrick/vimerl · GitHub https://github.com/jimenezrick/vimerl 

Distributed Coding Prefunc: Chicago Boss, Rails Based Erlang Power : CloudAve
Rackspace Takes a Look at the ERLANG Language - The Official Rackspace Blog
In this interview with Joe Armstrong and Robert Virding, two of the co-creators of the Erlang programming language, Duncan McGreggor....
Promises and futures in Clojure | Java Code Geeks
[erlang-questions] Etudes for Erlang http://erlang.org/pipermail/erlang-questions/2013-March/072964.html 
erlang 新书 那些吵着要练习题的,这回你们满足了吧
Erlang: bags | Web Builder Zone http://css.dzone.com/articles/erlang-bags 
First hundred days of Clojure | Hacker News https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=3852324 
Electric Duncan: Lisp Flavored Erlang http://technicae.cogitat.io/2013/03/lisp-flavored-erlang.html 
Thomas Lindgren, “Atom Garbage Collection”, ACM SIGPLAN Erlang Workshop, Tallinn, Estonia, 2005

Ulf Wiger, “Four-fold Increase in Productivity and Quality”, FemSYS, Munich, Germany, 2001
Ulf Wiger, “Structured Network Programming”, Erlang User Conference, Stockholm, Sweden, 2005
why vector clocks are easy: http://dou.bz/2yKpIL why vector clocks are hard
Erlang开发MMO的一些思考  http://www.iteye.com/topic/1129542
How Clojure Babies Are Made: Compiling and Running a Java Program
4 月
Erlang Getting Too-Big-To-Fail Process Flag - Slashdot
Clochure - A Better Clojure 
Erlang Developers | LinkedIn 关注了正确的人就能得到正确的消息 

Erlang Factory - Patrik Nyblom, Erlang VM developer and OTP team member
At this page you can follow what opensource contributions that are active right now and see patches came along with a certain release.

Erlang4AndroidR16B.apk http://dou.bz/4tpXoI  First install SL4A, then this app, 我试了几次都没有成功 SL4A停止运行

Erlang Central | Getting Started with Erlang 

Programming Erlang 2'nd edition 

877,000 TPS with Erlang and VoltDB | Javalobby 

James learned Erlang because he wanted to make some minor customizations to ejabberd.

extremeforge/active-ring · GitHub 
5 月
Explorations in Erlang with the Parallela: A Prelude http://dou.bz/22jMpa 

Erlang gen_tcp相关问题汇编索引 by yufeng http://dou.bz/4kjeeK 

erlang使用感受 - loop in codes http://codemacro.com/2013/05/08/thought-about-erlang/ 
A Few Improvements to Erlang by Joe Armstrong at Erlang User Conference 2012 at Stockholm, Sweden...
gen_tcp接收缓冲区易混淆概念纠正 http://dou.bz/1L7O8t 

Solving the wrong problem http://joearms.github.io/2013/03/28/solving-the-wrong-problem.html 
Meet jerg, a JSON Schema to Erlang Records Generator  http://java.dzone.com/articles/meet-jerg-json-schema-erlang 

whatsapp深度使用Erlang有感 http://blog.yufeng.info/archives/2615 
Nine Nines Article: Build Erlang releases with erlang.mk and relx http://ninenines.eu/articles/erlang.mk-and-relx 

mcandre/erlang-json · GitHub https://github.com/mcandre/erlang-json 
This module strives to prepare an EEP0018 implemenation (for Erlang <-> json interaction)

MongooseIM 1.2. has been released | Erlang Solutions 

Klimiec/Erlang · GitHub https://github.com/Klimiec/Erlang 
Set of exercises with answers prepared as a learning material for students eager to learn Erlang computer language #新手福利#
Numbers Every Programmer Should Know By Year
6 月
A Ruby guy goes to Erlang Factory — Rendered Text 

5HT/n2o · GitHub https://github.com/5HT/n2o 
N2O: Erlang Web Framework on WebSockets

dict:fold/3 - Erlample(Erlang Example) 
D.H.Q的烂笔头 - Erlang Example

RabbitMQ ? Blog Archive ? Using Elixir to write RabbitMQ Plugins - Messaging that just works

How to : 使用basho的erlang-protobuffs和PHP通讯 - Evoup`s Blog

Erlang is slow: and other rubbish https://kivikakk.ee/2013/05/20/erlang_is_slow.html 

Introspecting Erlang and Haskell // Speaker Deck 

LISP Books living again in Clojure : Clojure 
SICP 的确应该在列啊

google/lisp-koans · GitHub https://github.com/google/lisp-koans 
Common Lisp Koans is a language learning exercise in the same vein as the ruby koans.

hcs42/vimtags-erlang · GitHub https://github.com/hcs42/vimtags-erlang 
vimtags-erlang creates a tags file (from Erlang source files), which can be used by Vim.

What kind of virtual machine is BEAM (the Erlang VM)? - Stack Overflow

erlang ranch流程 | KiloBug's Blog http://www.kilobug.com/archives/1426 
文章虽短 图文并茂

Sublime Text 2 Tips and Shortcuts - Rob Dodson talks internets 
This is R16B01, the first maintenance release for the R16B major release.

Erlang The Movie http://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XNTcyNDUzNjQ4.html 

Small Erlang: An answer looking for a problem - uses language programming | Ask MetaFilter
Hacker School http://dou.bz/3bNLmc 

Learning Lisp http://dou.bz/34CpzL 

esl/erlang-ale · GitHub https://github.com/esl/erlang-ale 

My thoughts about: “Erlang by Example with Cesarini and Thompson”
Packaging Erlang Applications // Speaker Deck 
Packaging Erlang Applications by Jared Morrow Published June 13, 2013

Evaluate the benefits of SMP support for IO-intensive Erlang applications

CS11 Erlang Track http://courses.cms.caltech.edu/cs11/material/erlang/ 

Taste of Riak: Erlang http://docs.basho.com/riak/latest/dev/taste-of-riak/erlang/ 
Erlang | Mostly Erlang http://mostlyerlang.com/tag/erlang/ 
SF-JIT-Pres.pdf http://www.erlang-factory.com/upload/presentations/516/SF-JIT-Pres.pdf 
Erlang JIT Compiler

Improving your Erlang programming skills doing katas ? Another Word For It http://tm.durusau.net/?p=42749 

erlang高效率的原因是什么? - SegmentFault 

利用 Luerl 在 Heroku 上搭建基于 Erlang 的 Lua Web Shell — D.H.Q的烂笔头 
WHEN to USE Erlang 

Erlang specialists are hard to find. A really good one is even harder.

Making it Fast - How Zotonic Maximizes Erlang's Power http://dou.bz/4aPDTq 

Implement Heap Sort in Erlang http://dou.bz/4ASTG7 

CloudI - A Cloud at the Lowest Level, Built in Erlang http://www.toptal.com/erlang/a-cloud-at-the-lowest-level-built-in-erlang 

使用erlang实现P2P磁力搜索(开源) - loop_in_codes


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