KBMMW 4.90.00 发布

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KBMMW 4.90.00 发布

xalion 2015-11-07 23:53:00 浏览681

kbmMW is a portable, highly scalable, high end application server and
enterprise architecture integration (EAI) development framework for
Win32, ..Net and Linux with clients residing on Win32, .Net, Linux,
Unix, Mainframes, Minis, Embedded and many other places.
It is currently used as the backbone in hundreds of central systems, in
hospitals, courts, private, industries, offshore industry, finance,
telecom, governements, schools, laboratories, rentals, culture
institutions, FDA approved medical devices, military and more.

4.90.00 November 7 2015

        Important notes (changes that may break existing code)
        - Updated TkbmMWOnMessageToSpoke,
          TkbmMWOnMessageToSpokeDeliverySuccess events to include the

        New stuff
        - Added TkbmMWScheduler in new unit kbmMWSceduler.pas (Ent)
          for precise and relaxed event scheduling.
          System scheduler are available via Scheduler instance.
          Check demo for examples of use.
        - Added TkbmMWMemSQL which is an extension to the TkbmMemSQL
          class (Ent).
          It adds syntax for:
           - Defining fieldtypes:
             SELECT field1 as 'field1->INT'... The field types can be
           - Operating on XML and JSON data registered with SQL
             SELECT owner AS 'someowner->TEXT(3)',bid,quantity AS
               FROM auctions
               SUBSET '/alliance/auctions/.*'
               ORDER BY bid,owner
             SELECT XMLAttr(value,'//datas','name') AS
               'name->TEXT(20)', value
               FROM data TEXT(XML,'<datas
               SUBSET '^/datas/data/$'
           - Operating on inline XML:
             SELECT value
               FROM data
               SUBSET '/data/value'
               ORDER BY value
           - Operating on inline JSON:
             SELECT value
               FROM data TEXT(JSON,'{"data":[{"value":10},{"value":20}]}')
               SUBSET '/data/.*'
               ORDER BY value
           - Loading data from external CSV (SF_CSV) or
             binary (SF_BIN) files:
             SELECT [species no], common_name
               FROM biolife FILE(SF_CSV,'.\biolife.csv')
               ORDER BY common_name
           - Loading data from external XML and JSON files:
             SELECT owner,bid,quantity
               FROM auctionsfile FILE(JSON,'.\auctions.json')
               SUBSET '/alliance/auctions/.*'
               ORDER BY bid,owner
           - Outputting results as binary (SF_BIN), CSV (SF_CSV), XML
             (SF_XML) and JSON (SF_JSON) files:
             SELECT fld2 AS Field2, fld3, sum(fld5) AS fld5,
               Sum(fld2) AS SomeField1, Sum(fld3) AS SomeField2
               FROM table1
               GROUP BY Field2, fld3
               OUTPUT FILE(SF_JSON,'.\output.json','nodef')
           - Outputting results as CSV, XML and JSON text string:
             SELECT fld2 AS Field2, fld3, sum(fld5) AS fld5,
               Sum(fld2) AS SomeField1, Sum(fld3) AS SomeField2
               FROM table1
               GROUP BY Field2, fld3
               OUTPUT TEXT(SF_XML,'nodef')
          Output formats supports various options:
           - SF_CSV supports: nodef, quote=X, fielddelimiter=X,
                recorddelimiter=X, truestring=xxx, falsestring=xxx,
                noheader, onlyquotestrings, usedisplayname
           - SF_JSON supports: nodef, rowid, datanode, memoasstring,
                nonull, bmp, png (not MacOS), jpeg (not MacOS),
                rowidname=xxx, dataname=xxx, definitionname=xxx
           - SF_XML supports: nodef, rowid, datanode,
                datasetname=xxx, rowidname=xxx,
                fieldname=xxx, dataname=xxx, definitionname=xxx
           - SF_BIN supports: nodef
          Check demo for examples of use.
        - Added kbmMWSQLXMLAPI.pas, kbmMWSQLJSONAPI.pas units (Ent) to
          support above.
        - Added XmlNode and XmlAttr in kbmMWSQLXMLFunc.pas for XML
          specific functions useful when running SQL on XML documents.
        - Added new QoS flag to WIB messages:
          If set on a message, the message will need to be acknowledged
          by receiver before its committed in senders queue. In
          practice receiver bulk acknowledges received messages at an
          interval and/or message count.
        - Upped subject header version to 4.
          to generate messages compatible with v3.
          Notice that QoS must handshake flag require v4.
        - Added AOptions:TkbmMWMessageOptions to all message creating
          methods/functions when WIB is enabled. Provides access to
          defining QoS flags for a message.
        - Added InboundRetransmitTotal, OutboundRetransmitTotal,
          SendEvent, SendPrioritizedEvent, InboundAckHandler,
          to client and server messaging transports.
        - Added Flush method to TkbmMWFileStoreMessageQueue to force
          write of cached data to file.
        - Added TkbmMWWeekDay type to kbmMWDateTime.pas unit.
        - Added global function kbmMWXMLDataType2VariantType to
          kbmMWXML.pas. Returns variant datatype based on XML datatype.
        - Updated Load/Save functions in kbmMWXML to configure to
          stream/not stream BOM markers.
        - Changed AttribByNameAsDuration in kbmMWXML to return
          TkbmMWDuration value instead of TkbmMWDateTime.
        - Added kbmMWAddHop, kbmMWExtractLastHop, kbmMWHopCount,
          kbmMWPeerID, kbmMWExtractPeerID,
          kbmMWGenerateHandshakeSubject methods to kbmMWSubjectUtils.
        - Added CreateResponseMessage, CreateRequestMessage,
          CreateServiceCallMessage methods to WIB.
        - Added optional ASilent:boolean=false argument to
          CommitMessagePop, RollbackMessagePop, RejectMessage
          If true, will not raise exception if message do not exist.
          Also now returns true or false depending on if operation
        - Added OnStats event to TkbmMWServer. Is called whenever there
          is a statistics update.
        - Added Load/Save methods for file and stream based storage in
        - Added mwldtWeb to TkbmMWLogDataType.
        - Added Enabled:boolean property to IkbmMWLogManager and
          implementing classes.
        - Added LogWeb method to IkbmMWLog interface and implementing
          classes. Logs data in an Apache compatible way.
        - Added function FormatWebLogRecord to IkbmMWLog and
          implementing classes. It returns an Apacke compatible log
          string to be used with LogWeb.
        - Extensively updated TkbmMWInterval in kbmMWDateTime.pas unit
          to be nullable, compile numeric value that can be compared
          with another interval instance's numeric value to test for
          which interval is longer, multiple overloaded constructors,
          millisecond support, Compare function.
          Supports fractional and overrun values for years, months,
          days, hours, minutes, seconds and weeks.
        - Added TkbmMWInterval as alias to TkbmMWDuration.
        - Added Compare and Clear methods to TkbmMWDateTime.
        - Added Incxxx methods to TkbmMWDateTime taking fractional and
          overrun values.
        - Added Null class function to TkbmMWDateTime returning a null
        - Added NCSATimeZone and NCSADateTime properties to
          TkbmMWDateTime allow for setting and getting Common Log
          Format (NSCA) formatted timezone and datetime values.
        - Added Clone function to TkbmMWJSONCustomObject.
        - Added AddArray and AddObject functions to TkbmMWJSONArray.
          Newly created empty object or array will be added to array
          and returned for developer to populate.
        - Added InsertArray and InsertObject to TkbmMWJSONArray.
        - Added AAutoCreateChildren:boolean (default true) argument to
          constructor of TkbmMWJSONObject. Controls what happens when
          accessing properties AsArray or AsObject when no array or
          object is available under the given name. If
          AutoCreateChildren is false, nil will be returned or an
          exception raised, else new objects/arrays are created
        - Added option to stream BOM in TkbmMWJSONStreamer.
        - Added Load/Save UTF8 file and stream access methods to
        - Added FileStoreOptions property to
          TkbmMWFileStoreMessageQueue which
          controls what happens when queue is closed. Can be
          mwfsoDeleteOnClose, mwfsoDeleteOnCloseWh or nothing.
        - Added TkbmMWCustomThreadHashList,
          and TkbmMWThreadHashStringInterfaceList to kbmMWGlobal.pas.
        - Added UTF8Decode methods returning boolean if UTF8 string was
          invalid to TkbmMWPlatformMarshal.
        - Added WriteBOM and ReadBOM to TkbmMWPlatformMarshal.
        - Added kbmMWTextToFloat, kbmMWFloatToText, kbmMWStringToText,
          kbmMWSearchNonDecimalDigit, kbmMWSafePath to kbmMWGlobal.pas.
        - Added OnHandshake event to client and server messaging

           Changes/minor additions
        - Added APostSubject:string='' argument to all message
          producing methods/functions to allow postfixing additional
          data to the standard subjects like REQ/RES etc. to allow for
          easier custom receiving end filtering based on custom data.
        - Added AClosing:boolean = true argument to Flush method of
          If true (default) flush is expected to optionally (on
          Windows) truncate file to the actual size it has, not the
          sector based size. Call with closing false to just flush the
          cache to the file.
        - Added GetMimeTypeExt(const AExt:string):string and
          GetCharSetExt(const AExt:string):string to
          kbmMWCustomHTTPService.pas. Allows for providing a file
          extension (including dot) instead of a file path.
        - Improved FastCGI communication with FastCGI server to more
          reliably detect environment header.
        - Changed so SubjectHeader.Hops always initially includes
        - Changed TkbmMWAuthorizationUTCTimeConstraint to use
          TkbmMWWeekDay for week day constraints.
        - Updated timezone list in kbmMWDateTime.
        - Updated TkbmMWOnMessageToSpoke,
          TkbmMWOnMessageToSpokeDeliverySuccess events to include the

        - Fixed leak of TkbmMWInnerThread on shutdown.
        - Fixed thread pool bugs.
        - Fixed Remote Desktop compilation issues in pre XE6.
        - Fixed FIB compilation issues.
        - Fixed UniDAC compilation issues and missing Options property.
        - Fixed so a response message has same QoS as the request
        - Fixed TkbmMWAuthorizationLogin.Touch to touch using UTC, not
          local time, which would result in actor being timed
          incorrectly out.
        - Fixed leak of TFileStream/TkbmMWBufferedFileStream in
          kbmMWDebugTdsFile.pas and kbmMWDebugMapFile.pas when loading
          of TDS/MAP file excepted (for example by being in use by the
          Delphi debugger when running app in debug mode).
        - Fixed StreamSec TLS plugin compilation.
        - Fixed bugs in
        - Fixed bugs in SQLite adapter


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