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kbmmw 5.01 发布

xalion 2017-04-23 14:53:00 浏览908
Important notes (changes that may break existing code)
* Officially now only supporting XE2 and forward. Support for pre XE2
may not be complete.

New stuff
- Added support for RAD Studio 10.2 Tokyo, including Linux support
(currently in beta)
  Include new sample simpleinvocation LinuxServer demo.
- Officially now only supporting XE2 and forward. Support for pre XE2
may not be complete.
- Added RemoteLocationsPrimaryPart to
TkbmMWAuthorizationTransportConstraint (default false).
  If set to true, will only compare primary part of
  Primary part is defined by everything up til the last ':'. In most cases
  that will mean the IP address without the port number.
- Added IkbmMWLogFormatter interface to kbmMWLog.
- Added TkbmMWStandardLogFormatter to kbmMWLog. It contains vastly
improved features for
  controlling the look and layout of the log output. Its the default
used log formatter.
- Added TkbmMWSimpleLogFormatter to kbmMWLog. It outputs a log with only
  type (info/warning/error/fatal etc) and log string.
- Added LogFormatter property to IkbmMWLogManager. It can be set to a
custom log formatter.
- Added mwldtRaw log data type and methods LogRaw to IkbmMWLog. It
allows for logging
  bytes or strings without interpretation/reformatting.
- Added global SystemLog instance which will always output to system log
  It is used as a fallback in case the regular log system excepts.
- Added support for marshalling/unmarshalling named enum values via the
new kbmMW_Enum
  Its useful when an enum value cant be used as an identifier or its
value should be different
  from its presented name.
- Added ExceptOnUnknownType to TkbmMWCustomRTTIMarshal. It controls if
to throw an exception
  if an unknown type is accessed or not (default true).
- Added support for marshalling/unmarshalling TDictionary<K,V> types.
- Added support for correctly instantiating classes in unmarshalling
that contains a capacity
  constructor argument.
- Added Run methods to TkbmMWScheduler. It allows for one time run and
forget scheduled async
  code. They are used in the same way as the Schedule methods, but sets
Occurs to mwsoRun.
  The job will be automatically unscheduled after the run.
- Added overloaded DelayInitial(const AInitialDelaySecs:double) to
  It allows for directly giving an initial delay in seconds. It supports
fractional second
- Added Clear to TkbmMWScheduledEvents (scheduler.Events) to allow for
clearing all scheduled
  events. Running events will be allowed to finish.
- Added GetNameSpaceByURI, DefaultNameSpace, DefaultNameSpaceURI to
- Added SearchRelNodeByID, SearchNodeByID, SearchRelNodeByGivenName,
  to IkbmMWDOMXMLParser.
- Added ExpandNameSpace, GivenName, ChildrenByGivenName, ChildByGivenName,
  CheckChildByGivenName to TkbmMWDOMXMLNode.
- Added CheckNodeByGivenName, NodeByGivenName to TkbmMWXMLNodeList.
- Added missing ADSDBF support to kbmMWReg.
- Added
  mwrtoOptionalDelete,mwrtoKeyNotNullDelete and table modifier flags
  OIM/OMI (optional insert/modify), OID/ODI (optional insert/delete),
  OMD/ODM (optional modify/delete), OI (optional insert),
  OD (optional delete), OM (optional modify),
  KIM/KMI (insert/modify on key not null), KID/KDI (insert/delete on key
not null),
  KMD/KDM (modify(delete on key not null), KI (insert on key not null),
  KM (modify on key not null), KD (delete on key no null)
  to TkbmMWResolverTableOption
  They allow for more finegrained definition on when
insert/update/delete should happen.
  If one of the optional (OIM,OMD,OID,OI,OD,OM) is given, no exception
will be raised for
  the table when an operation did not succeed, and resolving will continue.
  If one of the key (KIM,KMD,KID,KI,KM,KD) is given, record resolve
operation will be skipped
  for the specific record if key is null.
- Added ReadBOM overloaded methods with default TEncoding option to
- Added overloaded kbmMWTextToString, kbmMWExpectText,
kbmMWStringRightPad, kbmMWStringLeftPad,
  kbmMWGetComputerName functions to kbmMWGlobal.pas.
- Added optional ACallback anonymous function to SendAsyncRequest and
SendAsyncRequestEx in
  kbmMWClient.pas (WIB only).
  It allows for providing an anonymous function that should be called
when an async response
  is returned. The function must follow this type:
- Added LOB blob/clob support (user fix) to DOA adapter.
- Vastly improved XSD importer.
- Added generic Object Notation framework for building virtual object
trees consisting of
  TkbmMWONNative, TkbmMWONArray and TkbmMWONObject which all are based
on TkbmMWONCustomObject.
- Added YAML parser/generator based on object notation framework.
- Added Messagepack parser/generator based on object notation framework.
- Added BSON parser/generator based on object notation framework.
- Added support for converting XML to and from object notation format via
  LoadFromObjectNotation and SaveToObjectNotation functions.
- Added new TkbmMWCustomSmartService and TkbmMWCustomHTTPSmartService
services, which
  can be selected in the service wizard to create smart services. Smart
  supports tagging any function to be exported to a smart client or a
REST client
  (TkbmMWCustomHTTPSmartService required).
- Updated transports to support marshalling objects via the transport.
- Added several near lock free features to kbmMWGlobal, including
  more interlocked functions, lock free array GC fixes, optional
TkbmMWREWLock statistics,
  support for TkbmMWMREWLock can switch to TMonitor for reader/writer
fair support.
- Optimized many algorithms like TkbmMWStringBuilder, TkbmMWGenerateGUID,
  TkbmMWGenerateShortGUID and many more to improve performance overall.
- Added many new general purpose functions to kbmMWGlobal.
- Added direct support for salt in hash functions deriving from
- Added support for anonymous functions in async kbmMWClient requests (WIB)
- Added new kbmMWRTTI unit with loads of RTTI functionality.
- Added YAML stream format for kbmMemTable and descendants.
- Added Messagepack stream format for kbmMemTable and descendants.
- Added BSON stream format for kbmMemTable and descendants.
- Added object marshalling to and from YAML.
- Added object marshalling to and from Messagepack.
- Added object marshalling to and from BSON.
- Added ServicePath property to TkbmMWClientIdentity.
- Added MaxLogins to TkbmMWAuthorizationManager which is default 100 to
  potential login spam.
- Added support for HTTPSys based transport for Windows. Its specially
  for high performance RESTful applications.
- Added AutoRegisterServices method to TkbmMWServer which can be used
for automatically
  locating and registering any service that has the kbmMW_Service
attribute defined.
  It makes use of the old RegisterService and RegisterServiceByName
- Added LocalSinceEpochMS, UTCSinceEpochMS, Temporenc to TkbmMWDateTime.
  is a very compact binary encoding of a datetime value.
- Added FastSetUTC method to TkbmMWDateTime to threadsafely very fast
  the UTC value of an already defined TkbmMWDateTime record. The record
  MUST be initialized before using FastSetUTC, for example by
- Added ValueToStream, ValueFromStream, ValueToBytes and ValueFromBytes in
  TkbmMWCustomRTTIMarshal. Allows for easy marshalling objects to and
from bytes and streams.
- Added ExceptOnUnknownType boolean property to TkbmMWCustomRTTIMarshal.
  Controls if an exception should be thrown in case a type cant be
marshalled or
  unmarshalled, or it should be silently skipped.
- Added Devart MyDAC support (DMYDAC).
- Added CORS support (Cross Origin-Resource Sharing) in
TkbmMWCustomHTTPService and
  descendants. (OnCORS event).
- Added PerformOPTIONS and PerformPATCH support to TkbmMWCestomHTTPService.
  (OnOptions and OnPatch in TkbmMWEventHTTPService).
- Added REST transport stream format which must be used if non HTTPSys
  is used for smart services.
- Added TkbmMWSmartClient which allows simple and easy access to server
side smart functions.
  Check simpleinvocation sample.
- Added high quality random functions in new kbmMWRandom unit.
  TkbmMWRandomDelphi (32 bit non high quality ramdom!),
TkbmMWRandomSplitMix (64 bit)
  TkbmMWRandomXoroshiro128Plus (64 bit), TkbmMWRandomXoroshiro1024 (64 bit),
  TkbmMWRandomPCGUInt32 (32 bit), TkbmMWRandomMersenneTwisterUInt32 (32
  TkbmMWRandomMersenneTwisterUInt64 (64 bit)
- Added high quality pronouncable password generators in new unit
  TkbmMWMixerPasswordGen, TkbmMWKoremutakePasswordGen
- Added support for ExchangeType in TkbmMWAMQPClient.
- Added new GC and CloseAndGC methods in TkbmMWAMQPChannel to force
getting rid of
  defunct/cached but unused AMQP channels.
- Added IPVersion property to TkbmMWCustomTCPIPIndyClientTransport.
- Split out all lockfree algorithms from kbmMWGlobal to kbmMWLockFree unit
  to make kbmMWGlobal smaller, partly due to internal compiler errors.
- Fixed to default not inlining kbmMWMREWLock methods on 32 bit CPUs due to
  unstable compiler which can result in F2084/C2491 error combinations.
- Moved all lockfree code to new kbmMWLockFree.pas unit.
- Added TkbmMWLockfreeStack.
- Changed so XE6/XE7 SKU's do not compile in new kbmMWLockFree contents
  due to compiler errors.
- Added kbmMW ORM OPF (Object Relational Modelling Object Persistence
  in unit kbmMWORM.pas. Compiles with XE5 and higher. Check new ORM demos.
  Currently in beta.
- Added TkbmMWBinaryPasswordGen to kbmMWPassword.pas. Generates random
binary keys
  of any length, suitable for cryptographic use.
- Added functions Year(ADateTime:TDateTime=Math.NaN):word;
  function Month(ADateTime:TDateTime=Math.NaN):byte;
  function DayOfMonth(ADateTime:TDateTime=Math.NaN):byte;
  function HourOfDay(ADateTime:TDateTime=Math.NaN):byte;
  function MinuteOfHour(ADateTime:TDateTime=Math.NaN):byte;
  function SecondOfMinute(ADateTime:TDateTime=Math.NaN):byte;
  to TkbmMWDateTime.
- Improved Null handling in kbmMWNullable and TkbmMWDateTime.
- Improved Modified support in kbmMWNullable and TkbmMWDateTime.
- Added functions function OutputToFile(const
  procedure OutputToDefault;
  function OutputToStrings(const AStrings:TStrings; const
ASynchronized:boolean = true):IkbmMWStringsLogManager;
  function OutputToStringsAndFile(const AStrings:TStrings; const
ASynchronized:boolean = true; const
  function OutputToTee:IkbmMWTeeLogManager;
  procedure OutputToNull;
  to IkbmMWLog to make it easier to redirect output to some standard
- Added mwddLog to kbmMWGlobal, as a new output destination for kbmMW
lowlevel debugging.
  Will output to the default logger.
- Fixed and improved TkbmMWCircularBuffer.
- Added kbmMWSmartUtils.pas containing Use class with easy to use
methods to convert arguments and results.

Changes/minor additions
- Removed (mwloProcessThreadInfo,mwloThreadName from TkbmMWLogOption
since its now controlled
  by the log formatter.
- Changed Activate method of IkbmMWScheduledEvent to have true as
default argument AValue.
- Changed SetAsDuration and GetAsDuration to use TkbmMWDuration instead
of TkbmMWDateTime.
- Added support for checking if path is accessible in
- Changed JSON parser/generator to be based on the object notation
- Improved scalability of FastCGI services to better spread load accross
multiple instances.

- Fixed A/V when attempting to use audit file.
- Fixed missing clearing of TkbmMWDuration when parsing duration
strings, resulting in
  an incorrect duration value (instead of null) on invalid duration strings.
- Fixed TDuration.Passed(const ADuration:TkbmMWDuration) which didnt
return correct value.
- Fixed deactivating precise scheduled events.
- Fixed events scheduled to start on day, month, week or year boundaries.
- Fixed issues to initial delay in scheduled events.
- Fixed parsing tags crossing line boundaries in XML parser.
- Fixed various namespace issues in XML parser.
- Fixed WIB compilation issue for XE.
- Fixed TkbmMWStreamStore offset bug when writing first segment.
- Fixed potential shutdown issue in Indy10 transports due to Indy10 bug.
- Fixed kbmMWDependency non accumulating memory leaks.
- Fixed NexusDB transport compilation.
- Fixed Autoinc field detection in EDB (ElevateDB) adapter.


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