China-global view

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China-global view

张祖锦 2017-11-03 15:27:00 浏览554

Good morning everyone.

Everyone here would know this year Xia’Men held the BRICS business forum.In a global view,BRICS countries have surged ahead and become a bright spot in the global economy. And China develops ourselves to help others with the well-being of the world in our mind.The past decade has seen the BRICS countries making headway in pursuing common development, advancing result-oriented and mutually beneficial cooperation and endeavoring to fulfill their international responsibility. As for China, over these ten years,China has become the world’s second largest economy, the lives of its 1.3billon-plus people have been significantly improved and China has made increasing greater contribution to both regional and global economic development. Since 2013,president Xi first put forward the idea for a Silk Road Economic Belt and  21st century Maritime Silk Road, these two proposals,known jointly as the Belt and Road Initiative have attracted close attention from across the globe. The Belt and Road Initiative attracted close attention from across the globe. The Belt and Road Initiative is not a tool to advance any geopolitical agenda, but a platform for practical cooperation. It’s not a foreign aid scheme,but an initiative for interconnected development which calls for extensive consultation,joint contribution and shared benefits. This is Chinese concept :peace and development.

With the respect to peace ,China practice what it preach, just like the movie wolf warrior 2 a domestic action. It tells the story of a former Chinese Special Forces operative’s adventurous journey to rescue compatriots and local friends in a war-torn region of Africa occupied by insurgents and mercenaries. The movie highlights the kindness, wit, courage and sacrifice of Chinese soldiers. On the screen ,a soldier walks solemnly across a battlefield with the Chinese flag tied to his arm,held aloft and fluttering. All the people stop shooting, this is Chines power. To support the improvement and strengthening of UN request for more Chinese engineering soldier and transport and medical staff largest financial contributor to UN peacekeeping operations and also the largest troop provider.

From the inside view,our country is a giant parachute to protect us. On August 8th ,earthquake happened in JiuZhaiGou. One of China most appealing natural landscapes. During the night president Xi called for all-out efforts to rapidly organize relief work and rescue the injured. About 500 medical workers from all across the province have been providing emergency treatment at the first time. Rescue force including Armed police and the PLA Ground Force were busy clearing roads and distributing relief materials. In terms of speeding response to disaster, no other country can mobilize all the national force in such a short time. Such speedy reaction and relief measures deserve applause.

We can conclude that from abroad to home ,film to reality ,China isn’t the old China. Currently ,we can see how powerful China is. As it emphasize at the end of the movies “citizen of People’s Republic of China. When you encounter danger, do no give up! Please remember, at your back stand a strong motherland.”

Yes, wherever you are, we all have a strong motherland!

Thank you.



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