SAP MM 采购订单收货被取消了还是不能增加新的delivery cost!

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SAP MM 采购订单收货被取消了还是不能增加新的delivery cost!

dicksonjin 2015-08-11 14:14:59 浏览1045

SAP MM 购订单被取消是不能增加新的delivery cost!

PO# 8500015169, we did GR and cancelled GR, there is no IR for this PO at present.


ME22N, try to add a delivery cost ZCIP in the item,



You cannot enter new delivery costs

Message no. V1631


You are not allowed to add new delivery costs in a purchase order once goods receipt has been carried out as these would then be proposed in the invoice verification. The related posting to the clearing account for goods receipt and invoice receipt would not then balance, if no further goods receipt took place.

After the invoice has been received successfully, it is not possible to change the delivery costs in the order. This is because information necessary for problem-free operation is no longer available for the delivery costs that have already been posted for subsequent reversals or invoices, or the operation can no longer be done without errors.

It is also not possible to change delivery costs for stock transfers with SD shipping after goods have been successfully issued, as this can lead to errors during cancellation.



Once we do GR against the PO, then we cannot enter new delivery cost in PO even if we cancel GR. This is standard SAP. 


Best is create a new PO or in same PO delete the original line item and add a new line item.








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