Master Note For Automatic Storage Management (ASM) For Operating System (OS) Administrators [ID 1345

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Master Note For Automatic Storage Management (ASM) For Operating System (OS) Administrators [ID 1345

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In this Document
  Master Note For Automatic Storage Management (ASM) For Operating System (OS) Administrators
     All Platforms
     Linux x86-64
     IBM AIX
     Microsoft Windows
     IBM Linux on Z

Applies to:

  Information in this document applies to any platform.
This note applies to the following versions of these products:

Oracle Automatic Storage Management Version 10.1 to 11.2


This Master Note is intended to provide an index and references to the most frequently used My Oracle Support Notes with respect to Operating System (OS) Administration of Oracle Automatic Storage Management (ASM) environments.  This Master Note is subdivided into categories to allow for easy access and reference to notes that are applicable to specific platforms.
This includes the following categories:

All Platforms
General Operating System (OS) Requirements
Automatic Storage Management (ASM) Configuration
Storage Multipathing

Linux x86-64
Automatic Storage Management (ASM) Configuration
        ASMLIB/Multipathing Configuration

Automatic Storage Management (ASM) Configuration



Microsoft Windows

Automatic Storage Management (ASM) Configuration

IBM Linux on Z
Automatic Storage Management (ASM) Configuration


This document is intended for Operating System (OS) Administrators who administer storage devices for Oracle Automatic Storage Management (ASM).
Before reading this article, the user must have a good understanding of their Operating System (OS).

Master Note For Automatic Storage Management (ASM) For Operating System (OS) Administrators

All Platforms

General Operating System (OS) Requirements:

Note: Keeping the Operating System (OS) kernel current helps stabilize the system. Production systems should never run an out dated Operating System (OS) kernel version.  As a best practice, Oracle recommends the Operating System (OS) kernel version be maintained to within 6 months of current.  Please contact the Operating System (OS) vendor directly for more information, risk exposure, and patching recommendations.

Oracle Database on Unix AIX,HP-UX,Linux,Mac OS X,Solaris,Tru64 Unix Operating Systems Installation and Configuration Requirements Quick Reference (8.0.5 to 11.2) (Doc ID 169706.1)


Receiving errors when creating new diskgroup in ASM - ORA-15018 and ORA-15099 (Doc ID 1057333.1)
Bug 6453944 - ORA-15196 with ASM disks larger than 2TB (Doc ID 6453944.8)
ASM Devices Are Still Held Open After Dismount or Drop (Doc ID 402526.1)
ASM Failed to Start as ASMCA Reported ORA-00838 ORA-01078 (Doc ID 1086706.1)
Ora-15063: Asm Discovered An Insufficient Number Of Disks For Diskgroup using NetApp Storage (Doc ID 577526.1)
ASM disk group mount fails with ORA-15036: disk <name> is truncated (Doc ID 1077175.1)
Diagnosing Disk not getting discovered in ASM (Doc ID 311926.1)
TROUBLESHOOTING - ASM disk not found/visible/discovered issues (Doc ID 452770.1)
Database Instance Crashes If ASM Failgroup Is Overwritten By /dev/zero (Doc ID 848147.1)
Bug 7243560 - High "db file sequential read" IO times when using ASM (Doc ID 7243560.8)
ASMCA/Grid Installation Is Hanging With The KFOD-00311 Error. (Doc ID 1217643.1)

Automatic Storage Management (ASM) Configuration:

Note: Performance problems could occur on diskgroups having disks with an uneven size. Oracle recommends having disks with a uniform size and same physical characteristics (same vendor, same model, same speed, etc.), to guarantee ASM rebalance operation works as expected and to provide a good throughput. Disks in a given diskgroup should have similar size and performance characteristics. ASM load balances file activity by uniformly distributing file extents across all disks in a diskgroup. For this technique to be effective it is important that the disks used in a disk group be of similar performance characteristics.

ASM Technical Best Practices (Doc ID 265633.1)
How to Prepare Storage for ASM (Doc ID 452924.1)
ASM - Scalability and Limits (Doc ID 370921.1)
Placeholder for AMDU binaries and using with ASM 10g (Doc ID 553639.1)
ASMIOSTAT Script to collect iostats for ASM disks (Doc ID 437996.1)
How does ASM work with RAID where striping and mirroring are already built-in? (Doc ID 330398.1)
Does ASM Survive Change Of Disc Path? (Doc ID 466231.1)
ISCSI Disk Discovery for Openfiler Using iscsiadm (Doc ID 468466.1)
ACFS: How To Unmount/Dismount An ACFS Filesystem? (Doc ID 1224283.1)
Mount Options for Oracle files when used with NAS devices (Doc ID 359515.1)

Storage Multipathing:

Note: Oracle Corporation does not certify or qualify multipathing tools. Although Oracle Automatic Storage Management (ASM) does not provide multipathing capabilities, Oracle Automatic Storage Management (ASM) does leverage multipathing tools, as long as the path or device produces a successful return code from an fstat system call.

Oracle ASM and Multi-Pathing Technologies (Doc ID 294869.1)

Linux x86-64


Storage Drive Errors and /proc/partitions (Doc ID 415654.1)
Raw Devices Are Not Visible Through ASM. (Doc ID 743596.1)
No fdisk Output on the RHEL4/EL4 up to Update 5 included Paravirtualized Guest Domain (Doc ID 468182.1)

Automatic Storage Management (ASM) Configuration:

ASM: Oracle 11g ASM Installation On LINUX. (Doc ID 788267.1)
How to resize a physical disk or LUN and an ASM DISKGROUP (Doc ID 311619.1)
How to Dynamically Add and Remove SCSI Devices on Linux (Doc ID 603868.1)
Using Openfiler iSCSI with an Oracle RAC database on Linux (Doc ID 371434.1)
Linux 2.6 Kernel Deprecation of Raw Devices (Doc ID 357492.1)


Note: Additional needed information for Linux Platforms, if ASMLIB is being used.

Note: For RHEL6, Oracle will only provide ASMLib software and updates when configured with a kernel distributed by Oracle. Oracle will not provide ASMLib packages for kernels distributed by Red Hat as part of RHEL6...ASMLib usage will require replacing any Red Hat kernel with a kernel provided by Oracle. 

Oracle ASMLib Software Update Policy for Red Hat Enterprise Linux Supported by Red Hat (Doc ID 1089399.1)


Troubleshooting a multi-node ASMLib installation (Doc ID 811457.1)
Debug Modes for ASMLib Kernel Driver for Advanced Diagnosis, Tracing and Logging (Doc ID 452363.1)
Unable To Create A New Disk Using "oracleasm createdisk" - FAILED - Device or resource busy (Doc ID 1303976.1)
Unable To Create ASMLIB Disk (Doc ID 743949.1)
RHEL/OL5 oracleasm listdisks fails not list LVM-managed ASM devices after reboot (Doc ID 558596.1)
"Multipath: error getting device" seen in OS log causes ASM/ASMlib to shutdown by itself (Doc ID 967461.1)
Cannot Start Asm Ora-15063/ORA-15183 (Doc ID 340519.1)
ASMLIB Interacting with persistent names generated by udev or devlabel (Doc ID 372783.1)
Major and Minor Number Inconsistency after oracleasm creatdisk for PowerPath (Doc ID 420841.1)
ASMLib: oracleasm createdisk command fails: Device '/dev/emcpowera1 is not a partition [Failed] (Doc ID 469163.1)
ASMLib: Creating Oracleasm Disk Using non-Partitioned Disk/Device Fails (Doc ID 781901.1)
Error 'Multipathd: Asm!.Asm_ctl_spec: Failed To Store Path Info' found In /var/log/messages (Doc ID 1268895.1)
Using Mdadm To Create A Software Mirror On Top Of Multipath Devices (Doc ID 565835.1)
Note:316503.1 Oracle ASMLib 2.0 fails to load on Linux x86 SMP box
Multipath With EMC Symmetric Causes Console Message "Opening the device failed." (Doc ID 1054973.1)
Blacklisting by WWID Does Not Effect on OEL4 (Doc ID 780711.1)
Inconsistent Device Names Across Reboot Cause Mount Failure or Incorrect Mount" (Doc ID 563711.1)
Getting "error: Failed dependencies:" while Installing ASMLib/oracleasm RPMs (Doc ID 397769.1)
OCFS2 and ASMLib may fail to automatically load on boot using SLES10 (Doc ID 562920.1)
Missing Static DM-Multipath Path Priority Program Since Oracle Linux 5 Update 6 (Doc ID 1324280.1)
Diskgroup Mount with Long ASMLib Labels Fails with ORA-15040 ORA-15042 (Doc ID 787082.1)

ASMLIB/Multipathing Configuration:

Oracle Linux ASMLib README Documentation (Doc ID 454035.1)
Configuration and Use of Device Mapper Multipathing on Oracle Enterprise Linux (OEL) (Doc ID 555603.1)
Configuring device-mapper for CRS/ASM (Doc ID 357472.1)
How To Setup ASM on Linux Using ASMLIB Disks, Raw Devices or Block Devices? (Doc ID 580153.1)
How To Setup ASM & ASMLIB On Native Linux Multipath Mapper disks? (Doc ID 602952.1)
How to Partition DM-Multipath Pseudo Devices (Doc ID 470913.1)
Understanding Device-mapper in Linux 2.6 Kernel (Doc ID 456239.1)
Using udev with Oracle Architecture (RAC & ASM) - Red Hat 4.0 (Doc ID 371814.1)
How to map device name to ASMLIB disk (Doc ID 1098682.1)
How To Determinate If An EMCPOWER Partition Is Valid For ASMLIB? (Doc ID 566676.1)
How to List the Single Path Devices for an EMC PowerPath Multipathing Device (Doc ID 420839.1)
Enterprise Linux: Preparing for and Performing Kernel Upgrade (Doc ID 842775.1)
ASMLib Driver Matrix for Linux 2.4 and 2.6 Kernels (Doc ID 394954.1)



How To Verify If A New Candidate ASM Disk Is Cluster Wide Visible ORA-15075 / ORA-15080 (Doc ID 1316936.1)
ASM Is not Discovering Disks On Solaris: ORA-15025 ORA-27041 SVR4 Error: 5: I/O error (Doc ID 1300393.1)
ORA-29740 Instance (ASM/DB) eviction on Solaris SPARC (Doc ID 761717.1)
Bug 10304548 - Solaris: Size of disk with EFI label is not detected (Doc ID 10304548.8)
ASM does not discover disk on Solaris platform (Doc ID 368840.1)
Creating ASM diskgroup on Solaris fails with ORA-15018 ORA-15031 ORA-15025 and ORA-27094 (Doc ID 286221.1)
Troubleshooting Fibre Channel Devices from the OS (Doc ID 1009557.1)
SAN: Troubleshooting Solaris[TM] 10 (not for Solaris[TM] 8 & 9) Fibre Channel (FC) HBA list in "NOT CONNECTED" status. (Doc ID 1303745.1)
Sun StorageTek 33x0 SCSI Array: Troubleshooting SCSI Devices from the Operating System (Doc ID 1008191.1)
Attempt to initialize LUNs from HP EVA 8000 fails with error "prtvtoc: No such device or address" (Doc ID 1018733.1)
How to Convert init.cssd as a SMF service for Solaris 10 (Doc ID 397238.1)

Automatic Storage Management (ASM) Configuration:

LUN Size And Performance Impact With ASM (Doc ID 373242.1)
Solaris[TM] 10 Operating System San/SAS/MPXIO/STMS config files (Doc ID 1006596.1)
Mapping Solaris[TM] host disk devices to Sun StorEdge[TM] 351x Fibre Channel Array LUN's (Doc ID 1006471.1)


How to verify STMS (mpxio) Health (Doc ID 1002465.1)
Multipathing Troubleshooting on Solaris [TM] 10 Operating System (OS) (Doc ID 1003914.1)
mpathadm vs luxadm ; how to manage mutipathing on Solaris[TM] 10 Operating System (OS) (Doc ID 1008385.1)
Access to Volumes Cause ASC/ASCQ Codes 0x94/0x01 for Sun StorageTek[TM] and Sun Storage[TM] RAID Arrays (Doc ID 1008161.1)
Minor numbers are too big for 32-bit applications due to Solaris limitation (Doc ID 1011866.1)
Sun[TM] Cluster 3.0: Disabling Dynamic Multipathing (DMP) on VxVM 3.1.1 and 3.2 (Doc ID 1001782.1)
Sun StorEdge[TM] Volume Manager:Only one path to a multi-pathed device is shown in vxdmpadm getdmpnode output (Doc ID 1018959.1)



Unable to discover or use raw devices for ASM in HP-UX Itanium in (Doc ID 1276913.1)
HP Itanium - ORA-240 or process on ASM & Database hang (Doc ID 1105825.1)
When Starting A Database With The Executables, Error "ORA-15059: invalid device type for ASM disk" Occurs (Doc ID 434500.1)
Cannot Discover Disks in ASM After Upgrade on on HP-UX Itanium (Doc ID 433770.1) fails: runInstaller does not recognize the OS (Doc ID 1238823.1)



Assigning a Physical Volume ID (PVID) To An Existing ASM Disk Corrupts the ASM Disk Header (Doc ID 353761.1)
ASM Is Not Detecting EMC PowerPath Raw Devices Or Regular Raw Devices On AIX (Doc ID 1174604.1)
ASM Is Unable To Start On AIX Due To [ORA-27102: out of memory : IBM AIX RISC System/6000 Error: 12: Not enough space] (Doc ID 1301182.1)
ORA-27063 Error: 5: I/O Error (Doc ID 877549.1)
Bug 9495887 - AIX: ASM does not recognize correct diskgroup size for large disks (Doc ID 9495887.8)
Error ORA-27091, ORA-27072 When Mounting Diskgroup (Doc ID 422075.1)
Diskgroup Was Not Mounted After Created ORA-15063 and ORA-15032 on AIX (Doc ID 467702.1)
Disks Added to the ASM From One Node Are Not Discovered on the Other Node (Doc ID 400005.1)


After changing Multipathing drivers from RDAC to MPIO ASM discovered an insufficient number of disks (Doc ID 742832.1)

Microsoft Windows


ASM Is Unable To Detect SCSI Disks On Windows. (Doc ID 880061.1)
Created ASM Stamped Disks But Unable To Create Diskgroup (Doc ID 437555.1)
Asmtoolg Generates An Access Violation When Stamping Disks (Doc ID 443635.1)
Unable To Format/Create ACFS Filesystem Due To ACFS-01094 (Doc ID 1346610.1)
KFED Tool For Windows OS. (Doc ID 1180491.1)

Automatic Storage Management (ASM) Configuration:

How to setup ASM on Windows (Doc ID 331796.1)
How To Setup ASM (10.2) on Windows Platforms (Doc ID 469082.1)


Microsoft Windows(R) operating system: How to obtain troubleshooting information for storage issues (Doc ID 1006608.1)
Win2008 64Bit Collection Error "Result has Repeating Key Value" On Host Performance Tab (Doc ID 864908.1)
HP MPIO Recommendations for Windows 2003 (Doc ID 372899.1)

IBM Linux on Z

Automatic Storage Management (ASM) Configuration:

How To Install ASM on RHEL5 Linux on Z (Doc ID 981173.1)
Oracle ASMLIB - Support for RedHat Enterprise Linux 5 AS on IBM zSeries (Doc ID 821652.1)

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