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Unitils is an open source library aimed at making unit and integration testing easy and maintainable. 

It is divided into several modules, each of them providing extra support for a certain aspect of your unit and integration tests. If you for example need mocking for your tests, just include unitils-mock as a dependency. If you would also want to load DbUnit data sets, just include unitils-dbunit. 

Below you can find a list of the modules and their features. Click on the title to go to the corresponding tutorial and examples. 


Reflection assert 

Equality assertion through reflection 
Possibility to ignore order of collections and Java default/null values 
Mock module - Makes mocking easy and maintainable 

Simple syntax for defining and asserting invoked behavior 
Gives you the best possible feedback so you can easily find out why a test is failing 
Argument matchers, partial mocking, stubbing behavior, dummy objects... 
Inject module - Easily inject test artifacts into classes and instances 

Inject values by type and name 
Inject into static fields, e.g. singletons, and automatically reset the old value after the test 
IO module - Support for performing IO in tests 

Creating temporary files and directories 
Loading the contents of files into objects 
Database testing - Support for testing with databases and loading of DbUnit data sets 

Simplify test database connection setup 
Support for setting up a separate schema/database per developer 
Transactional testing 
Easy loading of data sets 
Multi-schema data sets 
Expected data set assertions 
Automatic test database maintenance - Use DbMaintain to automatically bring your unit test databases up to date before running your tests 

Automatic maintenance of databases with support for incremental, repeatable and post processing scripts 
Automatically disable constraints and set sequences to a minimum value 
Generating an XSD of the database structure for dataset xml files 
Hibernate module - Support for Hibernate database testing 

Hibernate SessionFactory creation and session management 
Automatically test the mapping of JPA entities / hibernate mapped objects with the database 
Spring module - Support for testing when your project uses Spring 

ApplicationContext configuration and easy injection of spring managed beans into a unit test 
Support for using a Spring-configured Hibernate SessionFactory in unit tests. 
EasyMock module - Helps you set up tests that use EasyMock as a mocking framework 

Simplify EasyMock mock object creation 
EasyMock argument matching using reflection equality