DBeaver 3.7.3,改进查询结果集UI和ERD视图

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DBeaver 3.7.3,改进查询结果集UI和ERD视图

晚来风急 2017-06-02 10:03:00 浏览1438
DBeaver 3.7.3 版本发布了。该版本主要是查询结果集UI和ERD视图的改进,还有大量问题修复。


Result set UI was redesigned (panels)

Results aggregation panel added

Navigator filters management was improved

ERD attributes view is now configurable (data type, icon, nullability)

Object editor breadcrumbs UI was redesigned

Advanced results copy was improved (row divider)

Results metadata resolve was fixed (problem with SQL expressions was resolved)

Run query from Query Manager view

Enum data type editor was fixed

Data export (CSV, XML and JSON) was fixed

DBeaver projects export/import was fixed

SQL parameters binding dialog was fixed

SQL parser was updated (performance problem with complicated queries was resolved)

SQL code completion now uses navigator filters

DDL generation was improved (multiple objects support)

Plaintext presentation was fixed (column reorder)

SOCKS proxy support was improved (PostgreSQL)

Support system variables in driver.xml file

Oracle: TNS connection fixed

Oracle: TNSNAMES custom path support

PostgreSQL: struct data types support was fixed

PostgreSQL: objects lookup was fixed

MySQL: single line comments were fixed

Many minor bugfixes and improvements

DBeaver 是一个通用的数据库管理工具和 SQL 客户端,支持 MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, DB2, MSSQL, Sybase, Mimer, HSQLDB, Derby, 以及其他兼容 JDBC 的数据库。DBeaver 提供一个图形界面用来查看数据库结构、执行SQL查询和脚本,浏览和导出数据,处理BLOB/CLOB 数据,修改数据库结构等等。
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